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MyAC Anticheat FAQ. English Version

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MyAC Anticheat FAQ

Dear players, please remember:

Statistics show that most problems that arise while using anticheat are connected to the specific computer on which it is running and not to anticheat server or hlds server!

Mandatory requirements to play with anticheat:

  • CS engine build version should not be below 2771
  • Supported CS Builds : 2771,2797,2834,3147,3210,3248,3266,3329,3382,3647,3779,3798
  • Anticheat Version on your computer should be consistent with the version on the server
  • CS is to be launched in OpenGL True Color - 32Bit mode!
  • Windows Vista 64 bit is NOT supported!
Installing instructions are simple:
  1. Download anticheat client from our downloads section.
  2. Extract all the files in one folder.
The use is not much harder:
  1. Run "MyAC.exe"
  2. Wait until MyAC anticheat connects to the server (you should get a message like on the screenshot below)

  3. Run Counter Strike

Attention, if you first run the game, and then myAC, you will get an error message and the anticheat client exits.

You have to run MyAC first, and then - the game.

Typical problems and their solutions:

Question: My antivirus detects myAC as a virus. What does it mean?

Answer: First of all, that you have a good antivirus (may be even too good :)), that catch viruses not by their signatures, but by program's actions which are typical to viruses . MyAC does things similar to actions of the virus (reads the memory of other programs, checks processes, gets access to Internet), so it can be determined as suspicious program by your antivirus.

Q: I am kicked from the server with this message:
You have been disconnected from server. Reason: It is required to start MyAC ver.1.0.1!!!update at cstrike.co.il

A: It means that your Anticheat version does not match the server's one.

Q: I have lags in the game after I started to use MyAC. What should I do?

A: It is not connected to the anticheat. Check that you have your internet channel free and your younger brother isn't downloading porn from the net with e-mule or kazza or whatever.

Q: MyAC gives me such messages:
Can't connect to MyAC.Server [server.cstrike.co.il]

A: There are several possible reasons:
-- Your computer is not connected to the Internet
-- Your firewall blocks MyAC anticheat
-- Anticheat server is down
In the case of the first two options we can't help you, in the third case - you can enter the game without anticheat.

W: I was kicked from the server with a message about some hack/DLL/cheat etc... Unban me please! What cheat? I don't know how to use cheats at all!

A: This time, sickness sentence that you played too good and thus got banned won't work. You are banned only because of cheats. Claims that the anticheat made a mistake wouldn't be accepted, because it is impossible.

Q: I am banned, but the message is not thrown from the previous issue, and has written to the console something about HL Guard

A: You were baned because you have some illegal scripts in your config. We can only recommend you to use default config, or compare your own config with the list of valid cvars: https://cstrike.co.il/forum/viewtopic.php?t=559

Q: "Then i run myAC client, it gives me a message :

O: All you have to do is follow the instructions and restart myAC.

On all other issues - visit the technical division of our forum.

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